Yearning is a short expression piece about a feeling of returning to a long lost love, nature. For it is from it we have come from, and what we are a part of. To what gave us life and continues to sustain us. Yet we seem to increasingly distance ourself from it. Occupying our lives with trivial pursuits of success and a need to impress. Trying to satisfy these desires, but failing to see why we have them in the first place. A lack of self introspection has led us down this path, where we not only fail to see the value of nature but also destroy it for our own selfish desires. Luckily, it seems like the tide is turning. Increasingly more people are beginning to see that if we continue down this path it will lead to our demise. This film is an expression of this realisation of how we have treated our planet and the creatures on it. An imense sorrow for what we have done, but an unconditional love for its beauty and the life that it gives us and a hope that we can still make it right.
Filmen er i sin helhet laget av meg.
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